Terminal Operator

MONEX TERMINAL /One Stop Service /

Terminal Operator
We operate from our own cargo terminal to ensure rapid unloading, secure storage and timely delivery. At our Terminal we offer ‘’ONE STOP SERVICE’’ to the customers and guarantee 24 hours security with cameras. Our terminal services designed to meet the specific needs of domestic and import/export- oriented customers. Services include handling of containerized & wagon shipments, truckloads, trans-loading, storage, trucking and door delivery. Terminal can receive and handle up to 20 wagons at the same time.


• 50 tons gantry crane
• Fleet of own trucks & trailers
• Forklifts, mobile cranes with 30 tons lifting capacity
• Special platform for unloading of vehicles by self-driving
• Customs bonded warehouses, storage spaces


Monex-Mongolian Express Company Ltd
   6/F, Vista Office Bldg.,  Chinggis Avenue 17,   Ulaanbaatar 210628,   Mongolia
   T: +976.11.318329    F: +976.11.318125 
  Email : info@monex.mn   Web: www.monex.mn